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How to enrol

The first thing parents/carers or adults returning to study should ask is: is this what I am looking for in a School? If the answer is ‘Yes’, then we would stress there are a number of factors that NMGC will take into consideration when selecting students for enrolment. These include:

Place availability in the applied year level and in the preferred pathways within that Year Level

Date of application of enrolment

Current (or past) enrolment of siblings

Past results

Reason for wanting to come to NMGC

Find out more

North Melbourne Grammar College utilises a team of Business Development Officers (BDOs) who work for Southern Cross Education Institute and NMGC. Our BDOs cover the local and international market.

If you are interested in finding out more about NMGC, please ring one of the BDOs. Our School Tours are also available to anyone who would like to come and visit the College. Please contact us to book a tour or interview with the Principal.

Applications for enrolment with NMGC must be made on the College’s official Application Form (see Enrolment Process). Our Business Development Officers (BDOs) are more than happy to help. Please contact the College and speak with one of our BDOs for more information.

If you believe NMGC may be the right place for you or your child, please contact the College during business hours at the following links.

Enrolment Process

Choosing a senior secondary school for your child is an important decision, and we are here to support you through this process as much as possible. Our Business Development Officers are able to set up an opportunity to meet the Principal and visit the College, or simply answer any of your questions.

There are a number of documents that will support you through this process.


Submit an Application Form

Submit an Application Form, along with the Registration Fee (see Schedule of Fees and Charges – below). You can download an application form below. The Application Form must be accompanied by relevant supporting documentation (as outlined on Page 8 of the Form). Signing the Application Form is an acceptance of several terms and conditions that our outlined within the links below. Our Business Development Officers will stress the importance of reading these Terms and Conditions.


Letter of Offer

Once the Application Form is received and processed by us, we will issue you with a Letter of Offer. This will be accompanied by the VCEFOR30312 NMGC OFFER ACCEPTANCE FORM.


Offer of Acceptance

You are required to send back to us the VCEFOR30312 NMGC OFFER ACCEPTANCE FORM, all documentation required as part of the enrolment process and payment of the initial Registration Fee and other amounts as outlined in the Letter Of Offer.



The College Registrar (or delegate) will contact you to arrange an interview with the Principal and/or relevant Head of School. In the case of international students, this interview will occur upon entry into the country.


Find out result

You will be advised in writing of the success, or otherwise, of your application. In the case of an international student, the student will also be sent the electronic Confirmation Of Enrolment (eCOE).